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Call 949-492-5240 and talk to Peggy Webb, founder and 30-year homeschool/unschool veteran.
West River Academy Team

From left: Rachel, Peggy, Stacey, Karen


25 Years Supporting Homeschooling and Unschooling Families

West River Academy was founded in 1993 by Peggy Webb. She needed a way to be legal AND the freedom to work with her children as she saw fit. She couldn’t find anything, so she created exactly what she wanted! Sure enough, others were looking for the same thing. Read more of Our Story here.

West River Academy grew into an international, accredited K-12 private school with headquarter offices in California and Colorado USA.

Expert Support

Peggy and daughters Karen, Stacey and Rachel are the West River Academy team. We will help you design a program to fit your children’s interests, abilities and goals. Count on us for the support you need. 





How does our program work?

  • First, fill out the New Enrollment form and pay the annual enrollment fee – $375 for one student plus $50 for each additional student in your family.
  • Within 24 hours, receive an email with your Confirmation of Enrollment letter.
  • Be sure to click on the Get Started link in the email to transfer student records, get a student ID card, and join our social media.
  • We will contact your child’s previous school to transfer records.
  • Homeschool with materials and activities of your choice. We do not provide curricula or materials.
  • Set up consultations if and when you need help. 
  • At the end of the year, send us a report telling us what your child learned.
  • Order a transcript if you need one. It can be legalized if you live outside the USA.
  • Ready to graduate? Simply complete a Graduation Project.
  • Receive an accredited diploma and high school transcript.
  • Then? On with your life! If you choose college, we will send your transcript to any college or university. If not, be among our graduates who have pursued business and technology careers, agriculture, sports, arts and entertainment fields, entrepreneurship, military service, and technical and vocational schools.


Questions? Call Peggy at 949-492-5240 or email



West River Academy Is International

We have provided students in all the countries with stars a way to opt out of public school and receive the legal backing of a private, accredited school in the United States. Documents can be customized and legalized to meet government requirements. See our program for international students.


West River Academy students in Entre Rios, Argentina

West River Academy students in Entre Rios, Argentina

“I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for all you do to keep West River Academy as a wonderful alternative to the traditional public school systems. It gives families maximum flexibility in choosing the curriculum appropriate for their children.  Good luck in your continued success!”

~Gail, Fairbanks, Alaska USA

“I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity of being myself and being free.”

~Catrina, age 17, Bucharest, ROMANIA