In keeping with our emphasis on natural learning, we ask graduating students to present their educational journey in the form of a written or multi-media project.

To be eligible to graduate, students must be enrolled with us for all 4 high school years, grades 9-12, or transfer in from a previous school with official transcripts.

How Does It Work?

Choose to write an Educational Biography or present a project that
illustrates your educational journey.

Educational Biography

This is a written recounting of your educational journey from as far back as you can remember up until the present time.

You can refer to our blog to see examples of students’ educational biographies.


You may submit a proposal for a project of your own creation that presents your educational journey, such as a multi-media presentation, video, artwork with narration, etc.

You will work with an advisor,
who will review your project
and then help you present your
high school years in the form
of a transcript with courses,
credits and grades.

You will receive a diploma from
an Accredited International
Private school.


Our graduates have pursued careers in business, technology, agriculture, sports, arts and entertainment, entrepreneurship and military service.

They have also gone on to technical and vocational schools, colleges and universities.

What Our Students Have Done

Meet Lifelong Student of WRA, Anastasia Tegheni

“We had the freedom of expressing ourselves through art, poetry, science, music and, mostly, just being in nature.” - Anastasia Tegheni
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WRA Graduate Shares an Update

I graduated from West River Academy in 2013. Since then, I have completed a Bachelors and Masters degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of Colorado...
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WRA Graduate Releases His First Music Single

We always enjoying hearing what our students have gone on to do after they have graduated from West River Academy. We received this lovely letter from a parent in Spain about the current activities of the 2014 graduate.
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Where Our Grads Have Been Accepted

US Navy
University of Denver
University of Maine
University of the Pacific
University of New Hampshire
Arizona State University
University of Hawaii
Florida State University
Colorado State University
Department of the Navy
Michigan State University
US Air Force
University of Derby
US Army