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Worldschooling Quest

This community nurtures worldwide education outside conventional classrooms. Embracing diversity, they encourage inclusivity and seek collaborative solutions to real-world challenges, cultivating a vibrant online learning ecosystem.

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Kubrio, an innovative learning platform, offers over 50 “Nano Courses” for FREE exclusively to WRA families. Enjoy a $100 voucher for Pods subscription and $100 off monthly subscriptions for Kubrio clubs and bootcamps.



iSpanno offers immersive Spanish learning experiences in Spain through intensive programs, family stays, guided tours, enrollment in local schools, end-of-year school trips, and even “El Camino” in Spanish—a 10% Discount to WRA Students.



Tuneagers, an online global songwriting club for teens, offers weekly sessions and monthly events led by an award-winning songwriter. Connect with music-loving peers and industry pros. West River Academy students get 25% off.

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The Carlson's Facebook Page

Pop-ups around the world to entice worldschooling families to gather and explore together.

Worldschool Pop Up Hub LOGO

Worldschool Pop-Up Hub

Meet the Carlson Family: Passionate travelers since 2014, this family of five embarked on a full-time journey, worldschooling their teens across continents. They foster community through this platform, making memories together.

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Unschooling Mom2Mom

This website provides a supportive haven for parents venturing into unschooling. Benefit from group coaching calls, exclusive resources, private Facebook and WhatsApp groups, plus tailored content for navigating the teen years.

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Free th'm

Freeth’m’s sustainable towns offer a lifestyle akin to unschooling. Embrace individual rights, eco-consciousness, and community-driven learning. Join them in shaping a future where education and sustainability intertwine.

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Education Evolution

As an activist group, Education Evolution, led by Maureen O’Shaughnessy, birthed LEADPrep in 2013, a supportive micro-school championing experiential, interdisciplinary learning, cherishing each learner for a thriving educational environment.

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Transformative Mentoring for Teens

Discover Lainie Liberti’s expertise in confidence coaching and youth empowerment. Co-founder of Project World School, she designs transformative teen retreats, fostering cultural immersion and self-directed learning globally.

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Project World School

Embark on immersive learning adventures with Project World School. Tailored for homeschoolers and unschoolers, their retreats create Temporary Learning Communities, exploring host countries’ landscapes. Join the journey today!

Lainie Liberti fb LOGO

Lainie Liberti Facebook Page

Best Selling Author • International Speaker
• Alt Ed • Teen Mentor • Mom
• Worldschool Advocate

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers personalized learning with the entire official curriculum, allowing students to progress independently. Expert-created content covers various subjects, empowering teachers to tailor instruction effectively.


West River Academy's Blog

Dive into our blog, where homeschooling, unschooling, and parenting intersect. Explore insightful articles, practical tips, and inspiring student experiences, guiding your journey toward holistic education and empowered parenting.

Interviews you don't want to miss

Dandelion seeds interview

Interview with WRA mom, Sarah Moore.

Peggy discusses the history of West River Academy, and her philosophy of education and positive parenting through encouraging individuality and empowering the child to direct their education. 

Homeschool experts interview

Homeschool Experts Panel – How PSP’s Operates

Learn about how California Private Satellite Programs (PSP’s) operate. 

Lizz Quain interview

“Umbrella School” West River Academy’s Peggy Webb on Helping Worldschoolers Get into University

Peggy was interviewed by a worldschooler mom, Lizz Quain

Alexandra Kons

Interview on Wild Life – The Unschooling Podcast (Alexandra Kons)

Listen to a fascinating interview with Alexandra Kons and Peggy on the Wild Life Unschooling Podcast. If you are new to unschooling, you need to hear this; if you have been doing it for a while, this will be the refresher you need.

Anastasia Tegheni interview

Meet Lifelong Student of WRA, Anastasia Tegheni

We had the freedom of expressing ourselves through art, poetry, science, music and, mostly, just being in nature.” – Anastasia Tegheni

Some books we recomend

Seen heard understood book

Seen, Heard & Understood: Parenting & Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health

by Lainie Liberti (Author), Miro Siegel (Foreword)

Lainie Liberti’s book guides parents through understanding and supporting their teens’ mental health with research, stories, and science-backed tools. Transform your parenting and build stronger connections with your teen.

Empire moms book

Empire Moms: Women Who Built Their Business For, Around, And With Their Children

by Adriana Monique Alvarez (Author), Abigail Mensah-Bonsu (Author), Alecia May (Author), Alex Her (Author), Eleonor Amora Marklund (Author), Emily Tamayo Maher (Author), Federica Lotti (Author), Jamie Feit (Author), Katherine McLeod (Author), Katie Edwards Corbin (Author)

“Empire Moms” is a heartfelt collection of stories from mothers balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood worldwide. It inspires women to pursue their dreams without guilt, honoring both family and aspirations.