Entrevista sobre Wild Life – The Unschooling Podcast (Alexandra Kons)

Entrevista sobre Wild Life – The Unschooling Podcast (Alexandra Kons)

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Alexandra Kons

Escucha una entrevista fascinante con Alexandra Kons y Peggy en the Wild Life Unschooling Podcast. Si eres nuevo en el unschooling, necesitas escuchar esto; si llevas haciéndolo un tiempo, esto será la actualización que necesitas.

About Alexandra Kons:

In the bustling world of journalism, there are those who not only report the news but also carve paths of innovation and inspiration. Meet Alexandra Kons, a remarkable journalist from Spain whose journey is as diverse as it is captivating. Beyond her journalistic endeavors, Alex is also a devoted unschooling mother, weaving her passion for learning and empowerment into every facet of her life. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Oriental and Asian Studies from the Friedrich Wilhelms University of Bonn and a Master’s in Arabic Studies from the Free University of Berlin, her academic prowess is undeniable.

Alex’s professional trajectory is equally impressive, spanning roles as a crypto-journalist, editor-in-chief, marketing expert, and podcaster since 2017. However, her latest venture as the Head of Education at Freeth’m since 2023 truly showcases her visionary spirit. In this role, she spearheads the creation of self-sustainable, decentralized towns worldwide, embodying a bold vision for the future where education and community intertwine harmoniously. Alex’s story is about her achievements and the boundless possibilities when passion, expertise, and a commitment to change converge.

You can read the transcript HERE if you speak Español and don’t want to miss this incredible interview.